June 27, 2018

What is your email address?

One of the most common ways to reach out to a college coach is to email them. The problem with that is that most players don’t think about the little things that are involved with emails. Other than the actual email content, there are three things that you should pay attention to when sending an

June 18, 2018

Will you be a Freshman All-American?

What does being a Freshman All-American mean? It means that you are voted as one of the top freshmen in the country at your position. There are many different publications that voted and award All-American honors, and there are All-Americans for each division of college baseball (Division I,II,III, NAIA, and Junior College). At Rounding Third,

April 20, 2018

Biola University – Justin Hixson

This podcast we interview Assistant Coach Justin Hixson of Biola University. He came to Biola in 2015 after traveling the world with Global Baseball Ministry. Coach Hixson talks about the transition of Biola from the NAIA to the NCAA Division II, and the stigma between both levels. He also gives great advice on what exactly

April 18, 2018

Getting Traction

In this episode, we talk about what it looks like to get traction in the recruiting process, and we give you 3 things that you can do to get the most traction. 

April 17, 2018

Tennessee Tech University

What do you know about Tennessee Tech University? If you don’t live in the state of Tennessee, you probably don’t know much. Tennessee Tech exemplifies one of the biggest reasons I love college baseball. I love how each team has a shot to be great. I love how no matter how big a programs facilities

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