February 5, 2018

Take the advice of the great QB of the Green Bay Packers to heart. RELAX. He was referring to the fan base freaking out when the Packers got off to a slow start in the beginning of the season. But you need to take the advice to relax about the recruiting process.


Too many players and families get so worried about the right now and immediate during the recruiting process. They think they need to go to every tournament, every showcase, every camp. They put so much pressure on the player to perform well at every single event that it causes a rift between parent and player.


While there does need to be a sense of urgency during the recruiting process, the typical timeline of the process is 2-3 years. As long as you start early, and have a plan, you do not have to attend every tournament, showcase or camp. And if you have the correct plan in place, you don’t even have to perform exceptional at the ones you do go to. Most times your attitude, work ethic and body language can tell a college coach all he needs to know about you.


In summary, don’t get so worked up about missing one event. It will not be the end all be all in getting you recruited. The most important thing you can do is have a plan, start early, and work the plan.