Trust the Process

February 2, 2018

There are many people out there who have a big misconception of the recruiting process. A lot of parents will think, “if I just get my son to this event (game, showcase, tournament, camp) and he does well enough, a college will offer him a scholarship.” Nothing can be further from the truth.

Recruiting a player is a process just like buying a house. When people buy a house, they don’t just walk into a home they like, and hand some money to the person living in it and then take the keys from them. You have to go through a process if you want to be a homeowner. You have to identify what type of house you want and what budget you have. You need a realtor to get you access to see a lot of houses. Then you have to make offers and counter-offers, and then go through the due-diligence process, all before signing the contract. For some, this process can be sped up rather quickly, but that is very rare. For most home buyers, it can be a very long, strenuous process.

Baseball recruiting is no different. A player needs to identify what kind of school he can and wants to play for, and then start marketing himself to those coaches. Once a coach recognizes the players ability, the coach goes through a due-diligence phase and learns more about the player through phone conversations, on-campus visits, and talking to the players high school and summer coaches. If the coach finds that the player will be a great fit in his program, a scholarship might be offered. Most of the time, this process takes place over years before the player actually signs with the college.

Half the battle of the recruiting process is going into it with the correct expectations. If you realize that this is indeed a process, and it will take time, you will find success.

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